Super Typhoon Rammasun Strikes China with 155 MPH Winds

Super Typhoon Rammasun made landfall in southeastern China earlier on Friday with winds of 155 MPH, making the storm equivalent to that of a borderline category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. Satellite and radar imagery coming from the storm are downright impressive, showing Rammasun's nearly-perfect structure. » 7/18/14 4:32pm Friday 4:32pm

Soap Opera Fans Chew Out NBC For Covering Deaths of 295 People

Remember all the soccer fans who chewed out a New York TV station for preempting the World Cup final for a tornado? Here are a bunch of soap opera fans doing the same thing to NBC for covering the crash of Malaysia Airlines 17, which claimed 295 lives. It's not just the weather that brings out the worst in people. » 7/17/14 4:22pm Thursday 4:22pm

Storm Unleashes Crazy Torrent of Water in Colorado Springs

Slow-moving thunderstorms around Colorado Springs this afternoon dumped enormous amounts of rain over the region in a short period of time, leading to dangerous flash flooding across the area. One resident of the city took this incredible video of the water pounding a bridge with the fury of Niagara Falls. » 7/16/14 10:04pm Wednesday 10:04pm

When a storm chaser records video of a tornado, we say "a storm chaser captured the tornado on film." Since nobody was there holding the camera, we say "the camera captured the video." It's just one of those things, like the phrase "near-miss" to describe something that actually did miss. » 7/15/14 8:21pm 7/15/14 8:21pm